Pablo Casado atiende a los medios desde el Congreso

"If Sánchez does not defend the interests of the Spaniards, his mask falls off and the expensive price he pays to remain in power is revealed," says the leader of the PP, who demands that "the approaches of ETA prisoners already end"

He accuses Sánchez of “fleeing” to Brussels the day that Spain has entered a recession, the King has been vetoed in Catalonia, Calvo pacts the PGE with Bildu, Campo announces the processing of pardons for those convicted of sedition and the highest number of deaths from Covid in the second wave

He recommends that Sánchez modify the Organic Law of 86 to give certainty to the autonomies, instead of doing it with the crimes of rebellion and sedition, and apply an ad hoc law to control the pandemic

He emphasizes that the Government's intentions with the independentists are part of the "schedule" that Sánchez has proposed in this legislature

He describes as "outrageous" that "with which the government is falling in the schools, the government is hiding behind the mockery" of the autonomies and proposes to fix the term of amendments of its educational counter-reform

Announces that the PP has presented 10 amendments to "match the freedom of families with equal opportunities", something that is not appreciated in the Government's educational counter-reform

He criticizes that Sánchez "is obsessed with Madrid" and considers that he has a "legal and moral" responsibility in the current situation for encouraging the population in July to "come out and enjoy"

He denounces that the “institutional degradation of Spain is unparalleled and has to stop now”, and affirms that the PP “is not going to be a palmist and an accomplice” but “a brake on this drift that already borders on the limits of what a parliamentary democracy can stand"

He criticizes that Dolores Delgado "has become a lawyer for Podemos and a political commissioner at the service of the party to which she belongs"

He describes as "third world and a shame" that the Government is not able to guarantee the integrity of the King and considers that the absence of the monarch in Barcelona is a cession to the independentistas

He defends the figure of King Felipe VI, "which is because the Spanish voted for him overwhelmingly in 1978 with the approval of the Constitution"

"The PP will never allow it to continue attacking the Monarchy. The culprit is Pedro Sánchez who is silent and grants to remain in power, "he says. • Appeals to the non-independence nationalist or regionalist parties to join the PP to stop this" institutional degradation "that also affects families and employment

He considers it "bad taste and immoral" that the Government is agreeing with the independentistas "to stay one more year in power" while families are having a very bad time

He insists on the urgent need for an economic shock plan that extends ERTE until spring and lowers taxes like all neighboring countries so that Spain does not continue to destroy jobs

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