El presidente del Partido Popular, Pablo Casado

Holders of their statements before the media:

  • "Since Ábalos does not want to appear in Parliament, we hope he goes to the judicial headquarters to explain what happened in Barajas," says Casado, who denounces that the socialist minister did not avoid a diplomatic conflict, but generated another jurisdiction in the EU .
  • He reproaches that, as a member of the Government, Ábalos should have prevented the transit of the vice president of Maduro through the airport, urged her deportation and denounced her to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity and Human Rights.
  • He transfers the support of the PP to the field sector and denounces that the Government does not side with it, does not negotiate tariffs with the US, as well as its lack of social dialogue when raising labor and social costs.
  • He asks the “political commanders” of the National Police to “ponder the response they had with the protesters”, while showing their “full respect” to the Corps and its agents.
  • It requires Calviño and Planas to say if they are going to fight for the field and remember that the PP got 47,500 million euros more in the negotiation of the PAC.
  • He warns Sanchez that "not everything goes" to move forward with the PGE or the impunity that "gives" to Torra, with whom he should not meet, or the one that "gives" to Bildu who must condemn this criminal history.
  • Values ​​the "regenerationism, transparency and the fight against corruption" of the Government of the PP in the Junta de Andalucía that, together with the Community of Madrid, leads the job creation data.
  • Remember that the PP continues to propose tax cuts, help the self-employed and eliminate bureaucratic obstacles, in the face of the "wrong and ruinous PSOE recipes: one way of governing is not the same as another."
  • It demands a “social and media reproach” for corruption cases, in Estepa, Huévar, or those of the ERE and training courses.
  • It claims the memory, dignity and justice of the victims of ETA, coinciding with the 22nd anniversary of the murder of the Jiménez Becerril marriage, and demands that those who have not condemned their death should not be considered political interlocutors: “Justice goes through the ETA prisoners help clarify the 300 unpunished murders. ”

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