• Announces that Ana Pastor will be minister again in a government of the PP, "if the Spaniards so wish" on November 10
  • He praises the figure of Pastor whom he qualifies as “one of the most respected political personalities of our country” and stresses that, in addition to president of the Cortes, he has been minister in the two governments of the PP that have created 5 and 3 million jobs respectively
  • He warns that the economic crisis is "impossible to cover, despite the efforts of Jose Luis Ábalos" and describes his statements yesterday as "insulting the three million unemployed in Spain"
  • Considers that these statements of the Secretary of Organization of the PSOE remind the statements made by Solbes, Salgado and Zapatero and made by the Ministers of Economy and Finance that are causing, along with Sánchez, that the PSOE has created one hundred thousand new unemployed, according to the latest unemployment data
  • "The PSOE has become a period of crisis between governments of the PP, a headache for the Spanish"
  • Ensures that we are facing an economic, social and territorial crisis and to address it "we need teams of proven management that already know how to face the problems of the Spanish"
  • Criticizes that, given the territorial crisis in Spain, Sanchez has not been able to answer the question of whether he will reconnect with the independence parties, whose leaders have been sentenced for sedition by the Supreme Court
  • He warns that it is necessary that the PP is now leading the economic situation in Spain, "because if we arrive within one, two or four years, the ravages for the country and the middle and working classes will be too bulky"
  • It states that it is necessary to launch a rescue plan with lower taxes, flexibility in hiring, a flat rate for freelancers and recover the international prestige of Spain
  • Stresses that "Spain has to regain its role in Latin America"

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