Holders of their statements

  • Announces that it will approve a national law for tourism so that there is market unity in this sector, and that it will end the turismophobia, “Encouraged by Pedro Sánchez's partners”
  • Bet on reducing airport fees and establishing the “fifth freedom” at the airports of the islands so that airlines from another country can board passengers at Canary airports to go to a third country
  • It proposes to associate tourism with commerce and make commercial areas with free time and re-entry into taxation for foreigners and promote digitalization in this area
  • Remember that the PP has set an agenda in favor of tourism that "we are only developing" because this sector represents 12% of GDP, employs 13% of Social Security affiliates in Spain and employs more than 2.5 millions of Spaniards
  • He points out that “socialist governments always promise a blank check in campaign that is then a check without funds; they sell floats that later turn into pumpkins. ” “All the promises of Sánchez run into the wall of reality: no accounts come out”
  • He warns that, despite attempts by the Government to hide the data, tourism in Spain is in economic slowdown due to factors such as the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook, and advocates analyzing why there are half a million fewer tourists visiting the Canary Islands
  • Criticizes that before this "perfect storm" that affects the "golden egg hen" of the Spanish economy, "there is no solution by the Government of Spain"
  • It claims the contribution of the PP in the approval of the Economic and Fiscal Regime and recalls that its de-indexation with the autonomous financing has been the work of the Popular Party
  • He reproaches that "nor does Brussels believe in the forecasts of the Government of Sánchez": he does not know where to find the 30 billion euros that were going to rise in public spending
  • Ensures that the "prescription" of the PP to the bad data of the last EPA goes through measures and not hide the figures or deceive people. "We are in time to avoid a bad economic and territorial policy"
  • “Yesterday in Barcelona we saw an open and cosmopolitan land weighed down by excluding nationalism”
  • Warns that "political instability and territorial breakdown are listed on the stock exchange and against this, the PP is committed to territorial cohesion, market unity, and seek everything that does not unite"
  • "Our commitment is that, as of November 10, we will govern for all, whether they vote for us or not, without sectarianism and seeking general interest, economic growth and job creation"

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