• Casado announces that the PP has filed appeals with the JEC and "will go to all the necessary instances" to disable Torra and Puigdemont and take away the deputies minutes. “As the Government does not do it, we do it,” he emphasizes.
  • He trusts that the State Advocacy "fulfills its obligations" that go through defending the State "and not defending those who have hit the State" so that Junqueras and Puigdemont "pay for their serious crimes."

  • "As much as the independentistas twist the judicial resolutions and pressure the Advocacy they have lost, and they only have the lifeguard of Sánchez who needs them." "The government is giving them assisted breathing, if they are not diluting."

  • The leader of the PP judges "very serious" everything that is happening and points out that the PSOE should consider whether it can "swallow" with the investiture negotiated from jail.

  • He denounces the "opacity and secrecy" of Sánchez who has not submitted to the questions of journalists for two weeks because he does not want to refer to the "unconfessable pacts" with the independentists.

  • He criticizes that Sanchez has decided that, for the first time in 14 years, the president of the Government does not appear before the media to give an account of the year that ends.

  • "He still has time to rectify," said the leader of the PP, who recalls that Sanchez has the formula of the votes of C’s and Navarra Suma to be invested.

  • He reproaches that the independentistas use children for their political "soflamas" and compares their use with that of the banana republics "praising the leader".

  • "While Sanchez tries to buy his investiture with criminals and negotiates in jail what should be unacceptable, it will only revalue the pensions by 0.25 percent, which is the minimum that the PP approved."

  • He states that he never thought that "in Spain we were going to see how a government is blackmailed by those who have been convicted of sedition." "It's something that should shame any consolidated democracy."

  • Denounces that three months after the Dana and Sanchez lowered "ten minutes" by helicopter to Orihuela, "the Government is on vacation, the promised aid has not arrived and the infrastructure is still not fixed."

  • He points out that the Government has given the “coup de grace” to the Tajo Segura Transfer for “sectarian reasons” and underlines that the PP managed to agree on the transferring and receiving basins.

  • He praises the decree on the recovery of the Mar Menor approved by the Murcian Government, and regrets the "bang" of the Sanchez Executive to the claims of Murcia.

  • He denounces the Catalan bread of Ximo Puig who wants to impose his identity model and announces that the PP will make all legal resources available to families to avoid linguistic impositions.

  • "The Valencian Community is much more than an appendix of Catalonia, it is not an annex of a spooky construction that has never existed."

  • It demands the assumption of responsibilities to Puig and Oltra for the scandals that affect them and asks for the same yardstick for all parties.

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