El presidente del Partido Popular, Pablo Casado

Advances that the PP will request the convening of the plenary session of the Parliament so that the replacement of Torra is chosen and that, if Torrent refuses, he will be denounced for prevarication

He warns that if the Prosecutor's Office does not do anything ex officio in the face of Torra's disobedience, the PP “will not remain idle” and will file a complaint for a crime of usurpation of public functions.
It reveals that the PP will register tomorrow in Congress a proposal for urgent modification of the Electoral Law so that fugitives from Justice cannot be eligible and thus prevent Puigdemont from running for the Catalan elections.

He explains that these are not "legal tricks or tricks, as Sanchez came to say in Congress", but "it is the rule of law that cannot be subject to any political negotiation table".

Denounces that this weekend United Podemos, "party of Vice President Iglesias," said calling for the rapprochement of ETA prisoners.

Casado is marked as a challenge to build a political alternative "leading the regrouping of constitutionalists", making his party the "great main square of constitutional Spain", and "sheltering" the social democrats who share the defense of freedom and equality.

Alert of the portrait of the "right of tension" and of the "Doberman" who intends to use the left against the PP to cover up his own radical drift. “We are not going to get rid of that noise,” says Casado, who accuses Sánchez of presiding over the “most ultra” government in our history.

He warns that he will not lead a PP or destabilizer or anger, but neither a "naive or unsuspecting" because the consequences "would be paid by the Spanish." "I will defend a firm PP and in its place, a PP focused on the essential issues for Spain, a proactive and realistic PP," he emphasizes.

“We are not going to get into any panic room or trench. We will tell what happens but above all we will say what we want to happen ”.

He asks to go "to the conquest of a new social majority" claiming the successes of the PP where it governs and opposing them to Sánchez's mistakes.

Bet to strengthen the PP as "a party wide open to society, permanent guard and at the service of all", and says he will not surrender to "this radical government".

“The government, and its antennas, intend to cover up its own radical drift by saying that it is not that he has moved to the extreme left but that we move to the right”.

Stresses that the PP will never contribute "to the spiral of division and clashes that once again the left wants to unleash." "We are going to oppose it and we are going to denounce it with the intensity that is needed at all times,".

He considers this to be a false debate and stresses that the PP is a united national party and not "an asymmetric federation like our adversaries." “Now that an impoverishing cantonalism breaks out again, I want to claim that if everyone's thing is not saved, nobody will save theirs,” he emphasizes.

It claims a single Popular Party and denies the division between hard and soft, radicalism and moderation, and between hawks and doves. "Less PP leads to a worse Spain," he adds.

“We don't have an indomitable minority vocation, we have an unbeatable majority ambition. The policy is not to shout very loudly but to go very far doing a lot. ”

Announces that the PP launches the Agenda for a New Majority to "seek the active collaboration of civil society".

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