Videoconferencia de Pablo Casado con el presidente del Gobierno, Pedro Sánchez


  1. He assures that in that parliamentary commission "with light and stenographers" economic, social and health measures will be discussed, and it will be open to experts and social agents. "More democracy, more transparency and more efficiency," he adds.

  2. He highlights that the PP cannot assume that there is a reconstruction table with those who want to destroy Spain. "The PP cannot be there, but it can be in a commission that is created in Parliament," he says. "We have already made our state pact by supporting alarm states with the most drastic and extraordinary measures of democracy," he adds.

  3. It raises the demands of the PP to the Government to support the extension of the state of alarm in three blocks of urgent measures: one on sanitary measures in the fight against the coronavirus; another on economics and a third on public freedoms.

  4. In the specific block of Covid, it has demanded that it guarantee material to the toilets and workers immediately; that the massive tests arrive now and that respect for our dead is maintained with a reliable count of the deceased and the decree of national mourning.

  5. In the economic bloc, it requests the immediate provision of the 3.5 million people affected by ERTE, liquidity for SMEs and the self-employed, and reiterates the specific requests to urgently establish extraordinary pay for health workers, payment of gross wages to workers in essential sectors, and the exemption from the payment of inheritance and donation tax to the relatives of the deceased.

  6. He considers that it is “essential” that there be flexibility in the Spanish economy “or we will not get out of the crisis”, so he demands that his competitiveness plan, which he presented a few weeks ago, be met.

  7. In the block on public liberties, it requires that the transparency portal be rehabilitated and that the reports of the experts be included in it; that the neutrality of the Government in its relationship with the media be guaranteed, and on RTVE and that explanations be given about the Government's interference in censorship on social networks.

  8. He hopes that Sánchez and the Government act with "maximum efficiency, maximum transparency and maximum humility to recognize errors." "Unfortunately, there are many things that are being done very badly," he regrets.

  9. It reveals that the PP will register a commission of investigation in Parliament to find out what has gone wrong and the operation of the Single Command.

  10. He trusts that Sánchez before Marlaska explains in Congress the Government's position of minimizing criticism of the Executive. "That is very serious," says Casado, who defends the Civil Guard, which performs exemplary work.

  11. Regarding the conditions for the departure of children or other proposals to relax the lack of confinement, the Popular Party will support what the experts decide.

  12. Ensures that hibernation must be accompanied by a greenhouse, and then in the open with all security measures.

  13. It asks for a unique selectivity, the application of the LOMCE in reference to the course step. "If we talk about how the school year is going to end or how we can digitize the educational system to prevent future incidents, it would be good to recover the subcommittee of the educational pact that the PSOE abandoned a few months ago."

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