The national president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, announces that when he arrives at the Government he will recover the crime of improper rebellion, modifying the Criminal Code, and the basic legislation “so that the judges have more tools for maximum severity against those who have broken the public and constitutional order”.

It requires that the National Security Law be applied to any infrastructure court so that “not even the Mossos can follow the political guidelines” of the Generalitat.

"Sanchez, if he wants to be credible, has to break the agreements today in more than 40 municipalities and in the Diputación de Barcelona with the parties of the leaders who have been convicted of sedition."

Calls the Government on duty to effectively comply with the sentences issued by the Supreme Court and undertakes to recover the powers of the prison administration so that they "no longer depend on the Generalitat".

He describes as “inadmissible” the altercations that happened yesterday in Catalonia and criticizes that the Generalitat itself was encouraged “to the uproar, insurrection and disobedience”.

Support the work of all State Security Forces and Bodies and remind Sánchez that his obligation is to guarantee public order and the freedoms of all citizens of Catalonia.

He respects the sentence and praises the work of the TS but denounces certain shortcomings in the legal system after the PSOE abolished some criminal qualification that “today would have been very useful” to judge criminal acts in Catalonia.

"It comforts me to know that institutions work and that the rule of law is imposed against those who want to break coexistence."

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