Pablo Casado en As Pontes

He points out that "there is nothing done" in the elections and asks the Galicians to exercise their right to vote so that they can have a guaranteed future as they have had during the eleven years of the Feijóo government
He agrees to fight in the Cortes to request that the As Pontes plant recover its activity. "We will make it possible as soon as we reach the Government of the Nation through this region, through Galicia and through industry and employment throughout Spain," he says.
He defends that "the Xunta has left the skin for all Alcoa workers" and that any accusation made "is not true". "He has been fighting for two years for the plant in Madrid, Santiago, Brussels and in the US," says the PP leader who recalls that he has already met in December with the works council to transfer their demands to Congress
He reiterates that the Electrointensive statute "will be a commitment when we get to the government of Spain", although it was already incorporated in the last national electoral program
Bet on the intervention of the price of electricity "to be competitive" and remember that Rajoy intervened the price so that this type of industries were profitable
He praises the work that has been carried out to guarantee “absolute security” for those who want to do the Camino de Santiago, but regrets that tourists cannot go on the AVE because the PSOE government has failed to meet the deadlines
He vindicates the work that Juanma Moreno is doing at the head of the Board “lowering taxes, opening doors and windows, reducing the sanitary waiting list and removing the barracks in schools. "Definitively PP brand, which is what Feijóo has done in recent years"

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