Holders of their statements before the media:

  • Casado as "radical" the future government of Sánchez and Iglesias: "For this trip there was no need for saddlebags," he says to add: "This agreement has not ended Sanchez's dream, but millions of Spaniards."
  • Ask that the “historical and sensible PSOE return and Sanchez leave. How will he get out of the maze he has gotten into? He asks.
  • He denounces that, contrary to his promise, Sánchez has not called him, he says that the PP has been “up to par” and that his party will not participate in an investiture with a radical government. "He has chosen, he cannot say that he has no other choice."
  • It affects the PP is with the Spanish to present a proposal for a future "far from extremism", independentistas and radicals of Podemos.
  • Ensures that the PP "will raise a firm and resounding opposition." "If this agreement is not going well, the PP is with the Spaniards to represent an alternative for the future away from extremisms."
  • Bet that the right and the left walk in parallel and that a situation that the PSOE broke in 2003 with the "sanitary cords" is redirected.
  • He emphasizes that if Sanchez has the capacity to negotiate a government, it is because the proposal of Spain Suma, which would have won the elections with 118 seats, did not succeed.
  • He regrets that more than one million votes to Citizens and Vox have remained without representation in the Congress of Deputies.
  • He assures that it could only be won by joining the center-right vote, as happened in April, and stresses that the PP "has remained alone in the defense of the constitutional order."
  • He affirms that the “PP project is incompatible with Sánchez's program”, which is based on reediting a government with the radical left

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