It reproaches that TVE emits an interview to Otegi, a confessed terrorist that tries to whiten to the political arm of ETA and denounces that the Government instrumentalizes the public television

The national president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, today asked Pedro Sanchez "if he is in favor of pardoning the Catalan separatist prisoners and if he thinks it is good for a former prime minister to try to set the agenda for the Supreme Court."

Casado has described as "unacceptable" statements by José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero on the granting of pardons to Catalan independence prisoners who have foreseeably committed crimes of rebellion and sedition.

In his opinion, his words show an absolute irresponsibility, much more coming from someone with whom he "started everything", in reference to the Estatut, being he who established the starting point to an independence drift that nobody wanted and that has ended with a nationalism "Thrown into the bush."


In statements to the media, Casado has stressed that the governability of Spain does not depend on the PP, while criticizing that Sanchez projected the responsibility of forming government to other parties, and has accused him of acting as if he had an absolute majority.

In his opinion, the PP can not facilitate the investiture of Sanchez "because it would not be good for Spain and because the country would have no alternative", although he has shown his willingness to give stability to the legislature, as long as the law is complied with. Catalonia, work for budget stability and in Navarra no agreements are reached for "action or omission" with Bildu.

In this sense, about the interview that TVE will broadcast to Arnaldo Otegi today, he has described as "unacceptable" that the public television gives voice to a confessed terrorist to try to launder the political arm of ETA, and has warned that it is something that the PP does not will stop denouncing. Asimimo, has denounced that the Government of Sanchez is instrumentalizing public television channels.


On the pacts to form autonomous and municipal governments, Casado has reiterated that the PP "always fulfills its commitments" because it is a "dialoguing" formation that, without renouncing its principles, is capable of agreeing on the left and right by the good of the citizens.

Therefore, he has been convinced that there will be a center-right government in Madrid, Murcia and Castilla y León, because in his opinion "no party can risk that does not happen", and recalled that in Andalucía PP, Cs and Vox were able to agree "on the essentials", such as lowering taxes or improving Health and Education.


Previously, during his speech at the Concordia Europe AmchamSpain Summit, the president of the PP has urged Pedro Sánchez to "have a firmer position" on Venezuela, a country in which, according to international reports, there are still murders, torture and violations .

Likewise, he has demanded that Spain lead the Atlantic link with Latin America, after in recent years "Spain is not leading the Ibero-America of freedom", and has not had "an audible voice" in the Lima Group, such as the one yes he had the PP.

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