Pablo Casado, en el Pleno en el Congreso de los Diputados

 The PP president asks, without obtaining an answer from Sánchez, if he is going to ask for the rescue of the EU as the Italian prime minister says and at what cost to the Spanish

 Questions why the Government does not publish the actual death toll, why it does not decree the official mourning that the victims deserve, and whether it intends to acknowledge any errors and apologize for the negligence in managing the crisis.

 He also asks that "who were the commissions for the purchase of fraudulent and defective tests and masks and who gave the order to the Civil Guard to pursue critical information with the Government"

 He reproaches the Government for saying last Monday that, with 399 dead, the Spanish that we had to be "happy and happy" and clarifies that what we are is "fed up with a Government that has plenty of arrogance, incompetence and lies"

 He asks Sánchez if he wants to agree with the PP, "making us responsible for his mistakes" and reminds him of the proposal to create a parliamentary commission for the reconstruction of the country that yesterday the PSOE did not want to constitute

 Reiterates that today the PP is going to support the Government in the extension of the state of alarm, when its own partners are going to reject it and asks Sánchez if these same partners are the ones who pressured him not to constitute the parliamentary commission

 Stresses that "if the Government does not tell us the truth and continues to deceive us", it will be difficult for us to ask for its support

 “What a hobby they have for a welcoming and solidary region like Madrid, which in the last ten years has increased its workforce by 11,000 health professionals, allocating 14% of the budget in public health and opening twelve hospitals and 100 health centers public despite the vote against the PSOE!

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