"Pedro Sánchez can not buy an autonomous government selling Navarra to those who have justified 800 attacks, who have not condemned the ETA violence nor are they helping to clarify 300 crimes that remain unpunished"

The national president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, today asked Pedro Sanchez to prevent the ETA heirs from deciding in Navarre. In his opinion, the incumbent president is still on time not to sell the Foral Community, because there is the alternative of an agreement between PSN and Navarre Suma, a coalition that the Navarre have supported mostly.

"Here they have a constitutionalist party that defends national progress and unity. Here is a way to try to get to the government without having to rely on independentistas and batasunos, "he said.

After a meeting with the president of UPN, Javier Esparza, the leader of the popular has stressed that "Pedro Sanchez can not buy an autonomous government selling Navarra to those who have justified 800 attacks, which have not condemned ETA violence nor are helping clarify 300 crimes that remain unpunished "

In his speech before the media, Casado recalled that last June 24 in Alsasua and warned that all the problems of Spain with the sectarian project of nationalism and annexation were going to be fought in the Autonomous Community. "It is very sad to go to Pamplona and see that those who said ETA kill them they are now the key to the government of Navarre ", he added

Along with this, the president of the PP has stressed that the murderers of ETA can not have revenue, or their heirs in the Government of Navarra. Sanchez can not explain to the PSOE, he has indicated, nor to his affiliates that the annexation project of the Basque Country over Navarra can have advances, while he has stressed that the Foral Community is essential for the history of Spain.

After recalling that Pedro Sanchez said on June 7 that he would never agree with Bildu, Casado regretted that the PSN reached an agreement with them at the table of the Parliament that "may have a second chapter in governance in Navarra." "Spain does not deserve a government that lies to the Spaniards and Sanchez, even without having been sworn in as president, is already lying," he said.

In this line, he has maintained that Bildu is not a "comparable party" so that national formations, which have to defend the Constitution and the Rule of Law, can agree with them, "even more when they have other alternatives".


Also, the popular leader has stressed that you can not ask a constitutionalist party to abstain to facilitate a government when it is negotiating with the independentistas in Catalonia or Badalona, ​​in the Valencian Community and Baleares with Podemos and the pancatalanistas, and with the abertzales in Navarra. "I'm afraid they're going to do it at the national level" and "we're not going to accept that they intend to make a media story making us responsible to the constitutionalists," he emphasized.

Pablo Casado has also warned Sanchez that if he wants to "revalidate the agreements of the motion of censure, those who tried in the PGE and has done in municipalities and autonomies, to say so, that does not deceive the public opinion and does not make us wasting time".

The president of the Popular Party has assured that Sanchez "can not explain to the PSOE that the annexation project can have four years of progress in Navarra because that is what Bildu or the PNV want". "They want them to be appendages of a neighboring community, when Navarra is not an annex or appendix of anything," he said.

Finally, Casado has reiterated that the PP will not agree with Bildu and stressed that their seats are not the same as the rest. "They are equal because they occupy a seat but not because of the morality of a democracy that has mourned the victims of terrorism," he concluded.

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