Pablo Casado atiende a los medios de comunicación en Bruselas

Claims the modification of the Euroorden to include among the automatic procedures of delivery to the fugitives of Justice accused of rebellion and sedition

The national president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has asked Pedro Sanchez to say today at the European Council meeting that "Spain will not tolerate Puigdemont's attempt to attack our institutions during the debate on the acquisition of their condition as a parliamentarian. "

However, he has been convinced that Puigdemont is not going to acquire his act as an MEP because "if he comes to Spain he will be detained immediately, since he is a fugitive from justice".

Also, the leader of the PP has reiterated the need for an "immediate modification" of the euroorden to include automatic procedures for surrendering member states to fugitives from justice accused of rebellion and sedition, "so that we do not have to be at the mercy of some European regional courts. "

On the pacts to form governments in autonomous communities and municipalities, Casado explained that the PP Negotiating Committee is already formed, so in the coming days negotiations with Citizens will begin, "our priority partner, just as it has been in Castilla y León, La Rioja, Murcia and Madrid, and recently in Andalusia ". In his opinion, "we have had some satisfactory governments with them, and they will be the first ones we are going to talk to".


Speaking to the media before participating in the Summit of Leaders of the European People's Party held in Brussels, Pablo Casado stressed that this political party is the main party of the European Union, so in his opinion it should be "Key" in any negotiation to form the Council, the Commission and the European Parliament.

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