El presidente del Partido Popular, Pablo Casado, en Cospeito (Lugo)

• He criticizes that the Prime Minister did not speak “of anything from Galicia” during his electoral visit this Saturday to the community: “He did not speak of Alcoa, Ence, As Pontes, Citroën or the canneries. So why does he come to Galicia? "He asks

• Remember that your party has met on several occasions with the Alcoa works council and that Alberto Núñez Feijóo asked to incorporate a statute of the electro-intensive industry into the PP's electoral program

• Stresses that the only one that can provide a future solution for Alcoa is Sánchez and his Government. "That the Xunta, who has been meeting with them for years, or the opposition, that they are not the ones who approved the royal decrees in the Council of Ministers, do not hide in the mockery of what the Xunta should do"

• “Alberto Núñez Feijóo could not do more. Now it's Sanchez's turn, ”says Casado, who insists that the help from the reconstruction funds go to the conversion of Alcoa and that he advocates a“ competitive cost of energy ”

• Complains to the Executive that in the European recovery funds, "in which the PP is supporting the Government", the prospects of the common agrarian policy for the next seven years are not harmed

• He underlines that the PP, with Arias Cañete and García Tejerina, negotiated "with the face of a dog" the previous multiannual financial framework, achieving 47,500 million euros for Spanish farmers and ranchers

• Commends the management of Alberto Núñez Feijóo for advancing aid to agricultural and livestock farms, having implemented specific plans to promote the incorporation of women and youth, and promoting specialization and technification of the sector

• “The primary sector is essential for us. The PP is a party that bets on rural areas and small towns and those associated with them, such as education, health and social services, because Spaniards have the right to live wherever they want, "he points out.

• He emphasizes that Alberto Núñez Feijóo “has never disappointed the Galicians”, and “values, recognizes and appreciates” their work at the head of the Xunta. "I am convinced that it will gather the majority trust of the Galicians", he concludes

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