Pablo Casado, en rueda de prensa

• Affirms that "the pandemic cannot wait." "We have wasted too much time with hesitation and inaccuracies of the State authorities," he says.

• Regrets that the "delay" in the adoption of the measures could "cost very dearly", since this weekend we will experience spikes in the number of people who attended the mass mobilizations that the EU asked not to call and the Government encouraged

• Remember that "quarantined people must comply with it"

• Stresses that the virus does not understand competencies and the citizens of Catalonia and the Basque Country "are not pending nationalist soflamas" but want "transparency"

• It requires a “single and firm command” and that, in addition to measures related to the restriction of movement and the opening of shops, the self-employed be provided with more effective economic measures, as Germany and Italy have done

• He considers that liquidity measures must be guaranteed "so that the health drama does not become a social crisis" and regrets the contrast between the 400 million announced by the Government and the billions that other executives "have put on the table"

• Reproaches that the economic measures announced by the Government are clearly insufficient and many measures are lacking for those who have the worst time, SMEs and the self-employed and workers, and recalls the decalogue of economic measures announced by the PP last Monday

• "In a health crisis like this we cannot be at the mercy of the delays imposed by Podemos or the independence movement, we are playing too much and the PP is going to be up to it," he says

• He believes that "the postponement of the Galician and Basque elections" seems to be essential "

• Remember that the PP has opened to support the extension of measures in Parliament that "must be open in crisis, more than ever"

• Denounces the “disloyalty” of Torra and Urkullu and recalls that the Executive has always had the outstretched hand of the PP to assume any decision that did not have the votes of its investiture or government partners

• He explains that yesterday he transferred Sánchez who would support the declaration of the state of alarm, although he clarifies that "he never" thought "that it was going to be delayed 36 hours and was going to be done with so much difficulty

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