The national president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, today asked the PSOE of Pedro Sánchez a "rectification of historical course" to put an end to what has meant this party for Spain until its entry into the XXI century, while accusing to put Spain in a labyrinth.

He also regretted that the one that was "a great party" has chosen a bad path, reason why he has considered that a critical and sincere revision of his strategic option is necessary, that was chosen and that has been consciously sustained, in spite of the evidence of its impact on the whole of the Spanish political system.

During his speech at the opening ceremony of the FAES Campus, the leader of the PP recalled that the PSOE began with Zapatero the change of direction, with a Statute that treated Catalonia as a nation on its way to being a State, to which only He opposed the Popular Party by calling it harmful and unconstitutional. It should be remembered, he pointed out, that the Constitutional Court gave the reason to the PP.

In this way, the president of the PP has stressed that the hour of truth was the time of the Statute; It was time for the crisis; it was the blow against freedom in Catalonia; "And the moment of truth is today Navarre". In all these hours of truth, among others, socialism has acted without fissures, seconding the rupture, has asserted.


The leader of the PP has also referred to the situation in which the next Debate of Investiture will take place in the Congress of Deputies scheduled for this month of July, about which he explained that "we are not facing a more or less capricious distribution of seats that makes an investment agreement difficult ", but" we are facing the consequences of a political operation in the background on which socialism embarked 15 years ago ".

At this point, he pointed out that "dialogue is the prize that socialism reserves for what breaks the system because breaking the system can be considered almost a right", as we have seen recently.

Regarding the proposal of alternative alliances to the motion of censorship, Casado stressed, that "it would necessarily imply talking about a rectification of historical course that puts an end to what has meant socialism for Spain."


Pablo Casado has also shown one of the main tasks ahead of the Popular Party: "rebuild the right pillar of our system." At this point, he pointed out that the PSOE should do the same, having turned Spanish politics to the extreme left.

The current political situation, he underlined, has been created by the PSOE, making decisive protagonists to those who were not or secondarily and in a much milder version than the current one. This, he has recounted, began in 2003 and was promoted by the government as of 2004. Now, it has to be rectified, for which it has shown itself willing to help in this basic task, which is what really matters, but, has warned, "will not cooperate neither actively nor passively so that the PSOE remains the same".

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