El presidente del Partido Popular, Pablo Casado

Demand to the Government of Sanchez "lighten labor and fiscal costs" and the abolition of the tax of Patrimony, Donations and Successions to encourage hiring and increase economic growth

It proposes a new Market Unity Law to the sector so that it has clear rules for everyone.

He demands Sanchez to cancel the meeting with Torra because he is disabled and, in addition, he sends a “perverse” message to the Spaniards. Why are citizens going to fulfill their obligations if the President of the Government does not do it? He asks. "Certainty is publicly traded," he says.

He points out that the PP has filed a complaint against Torra for usurpation of functions and regrets that this has all the "government welfare" because it needs the votes of the independence to approve the budgets.

He transfers the support of the PP to farmers and ranchers and warns that he will be vigilant in the negotiation of the new CAP.

He regrets the latest data from the EPA, the worst since 2013 and notes that what we are having with the socialist government is "waste, unemployment, debt and economic crisis."

Defend the labor reform of the PP, which should not be repealed, because it allowed to create up to two million jobs and commitment to reduce fiscal costs and eliminate bureaucratic barriers to favor hiring.

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