Sesión de Control al Gobierno

"Sanchez blocks the truth and that's why yesterday we had to resort to a court of guard so that the evidence of the meeting between Ábalos and the vice president of Maduro is not destroyed," says Casado, who emphasizes that "why, before we find out about Justice, stop lying and tell what you know about Maduro's ties with his Government ”

Casado says that "the paradox is that while the gerifaltes of Chavismo bring suitcases and money to Spain, international investment plummets 80% since its motion of censure and employment, because since you govern there are more unemployed in Spain."

He affirms that "Sánchez's economic figures are as reliable as his electoral promises."

He reiterates that the PP is a state and government party although temporarily it is in opposition.

Remember that on Monday he offered Sánchez to agree the PGE "if he breaks up with his partners". “He has no excuse, he freely chose the radical partners to be invested, and now if he also agrees with them the PGE, it is because he wants to,” he adds.

He asks Sánchez if he considers that "Torra cares about the unemployed or Otegui the farmers and ranchers or Junqueras the self-employed or pensioners."

He asks Sánchez to explain why he accepts a table of self-determination, the reform of the Penal Code for pardons through the back door or the politicization of the Attorney General's Office, in exchange for approving the Budgets to continue in La Moncloa.

He urges Sanchez to stop reserving the dialogue as a prize for a radical minority, and start a dialogue with the moderate majority, which is what suits Spain.

Casado to Sánchez: "It is still time to rectify, if it does it will have our hand extended, it is the only one that can prevent it from falling into a vacuum."

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