Pablo Casado en El Programa de Ana Rosa

"It will not remain for us, my hand is still outstretched," he says in reference to a budget agreement, since the PP has been offering Sanchez state pacts for two years on issues "that keep people awake."

  • "The Government is abandoning all neighborhoods, those of the north and those of the south," says the president of the PP, who demands that Sánchez "give answers" because the exclusive jurisdiction in the event of a pandemic belongs to the Executive and the "virus does not understand of borders "
  • It demands actions from the Government because, no matter how much neighborhoods are confined, “if there are no State controls in the communication nodes”, there will be a problem, in reference to the Barajas airport, the Atocha and Chamartín stations, the road network or Mercamadrid
  • Remember that despite having offered Sánchez, up to three times, an agreement on PGE, the President of the Government has shown to be more "comfortable" with Bildu and ERC than with the PP. "Why can't a state pact for health be made to pay more to health personnel?"
  • He affirms that this week Sánchez can accept the proposals of the PP on the expansion of ERTE, of ICO credits and that the self-employed and companies without activity do not pay taxes. "It's not too much to ask"
  • It considers that the effects of the pandemic are not a regional but a national problem, because nine of the ten most affected European regions are Spanish
  • He reproaches Sánchez for, on the one hand, offering to help, and on the other, "releasing" Lastra, Cepeda and Franco to attack the Community, saying that they are going to take Madrid
  • "They came to storm the skies and they stay with assaulting La Zarzuela," says the president of the PP in reference to the attacks of the "vice president of the Kingdom of Spain" against the monarchy and about which Sánchez "says nothing"
  • Censorship that the Government covers its failures with this type of "smokescreen" not to mention the half a million Spaniards who have not received benefits, who have not yet received the IMV, the 40 Spaniards who suffer a daily squatting, pensioners who could have their pension frozen or cuts in the salary of civil servants
  • Is this the government that has not left anyone behind? It has left seven million Spaniards ”, he asserts
  • He argues that the CIS begins to be a "joke without grace", because "it begins to be an embezzlement of public resources at the service of a party", as has happened with the "squatting”From other institutions such as RTVE, the State Attorney General's Office, the CNMC or the CNI. "This is a type of institutional corruption," he adds.
  • He insists that there will be "zero tolerance" with corruption, because the PP "will not pass even one". “I have a commitment to regeneration, whoever has done something wrong will pay for it. Our pulse will not shake ”, he emphasizes
  • Compare the situation of the PP, which has no defendants either on the lists or on its team, against the PSOE, which does have "implicated" in the Council of Ministers with the issue of the EREs such as Calvo, Montero and Planas, who were councilors autonomic when they voted the decisions of the Board
  • He denounces that the Minister of Justice was this summer on the beach "dispatching" with Manuel Chaves. "Can you imagine that a PP Justice Minister was on the beach talking to one of the defendants in the Gürtel case?"
  • He explains that he has never asked Sánchez to do without Podemos, but that the PP will not support the renewal of institutions with a party "that calls for the demolition of the State."
  • He assures that Vox's motion of censure only serves to reinforce Sánchez and, therefore, stresses that the PP will not support it, because it would need the support of Bildu and the CUP

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