Pablo Casado interviene en el Pleno del Congreso de los Diputados

Holders of his speech:

  • He warns Sánchez: “His problem is not the protests; his problem is in Aluche and in the queues for ordering food ”.
  • He identifies the Government with the “new left caviar” and points out that the problem of the Executive is the ruin that its policies are causing and that they try to cover up “inflaming a supposed class struggle”.
  • “We cannot extend his extraordinary powers any further. It would be irresponsible. Up to here we could get ”assures the leader of the PP, who ratifies the opposite vote of his formation to the extension of the state of alarm to which he describes as“ a black hole ”for the liberties.
  • "Today he comes to ask for the fifth extension of the state of alarm. And it does so after more than 60 days of confinement, 28,000 dead, more than 50,000 infected toilets, 4 million Spaniards in ERTE, as many unemployed and 100,000 companies bankrupt. That is the real balance of the extraordinary powers that you have enjoyed. ”
  • He proposes the Cajal State Pact for health and “activating Spain” to restore hope to millions of young people without work and he states that there is “light at the end of the tunnel”. "In the PP we will always be at the service of the Spanish to get out of this crisis," he stresses.
  • Alert to the Prime Minister that the best social shield is employment and that "the way to leave no one behind is to advance all at once, not all stand still."
  • It plans to immediately pay pending ERTEs and extend them until the end of the year, create subsidized contracts for workers dismissed by COVID, increase liquidity for freelancers and SMEs, a flat rate for self-employed workers and exempt new or reopened companies from taxes after going bankrupt this year .
  • He advocates reducing bureaucratic spending with the reduction of an "elephantine government", the cancellation of the rise in public office salaries, and the drive for digitization, teleworking and market unity laws, second chance and entrepreneurs.
  • "No one believes their economic forecasts, not the European Commission, nor the Bank of Spain, nor the Airef," says Casado, who affirms that no one doubts that Spain will have to ask Europe for ransom and that "the obligation from the Government is to inform the Spanish about how much the welfare state will cut ”.
  • He assures that the "negligence" of the Government to face the coronavirus has prevented saving thousands of lives and millions of jobs, and warns that the PP is not going to consent to trying to blame other institutions, as has been done with Madrid with which Sánchez is "obsessed".
  • He regrets that Sánchez has turned the approval of a constitutional exception into an "auction", which receives "separatist bids to recover the party table and those of the Batasunos to bring ETA prisoners closer." "Those who seek the destruction of Spain are clear that you always give more," he adds.
  • “Every day he is more alone and weaker. It has lost all institutional credibility, and it loses its citizens' confidence in a rush. Each vote is a torture for you, and what remains of the legislature will be an ordeal ”.
  • He claims that Sánchez's goal in trying the one-month extension was "to go until the summer and not be controlled by Parliament until September." "That is, stay three more months with exceptional powers."
  • He censors escraches in private homes, “whoever they are”, as well as “the hypocrisy of those who made them to others as democratic syrup and now criticize them when they suffer them”.
  • He criticizes that all those who go for a walk can be identified, but not the "supposed experts who dictate about our freedoms without more scientific reference than the thumb up or down."
  • "He sends helicopters and riot gear to some concentrations in Madrid, but they put a red carpet on the covens in favor of ETA members in Navarra", he transferred to the Prime Minister.
  • He accuses the government of "bordering on embezzlement of public funds" in favor of the PSOE with "properly cooked" electoral surveys, and that during this period "it was only able to carry out one of the three necessary waves of the seroprevalence survey."
  • He describes Sánchez's "occurrences" as a "tease" to cover up his mistakes and explain why the pandemic has been more vicious with Spain than with any country in the world, because "we are as far south as Beijing or in a straight line with New York ”.
  • The purchase of masks, of "incompetence" the management of the de-escalation and of "sectarian ideology" the Executive's ineffectiveness to fight against the pandemic, as "unpredictable".
  • He reproaches Sánchez for despising the initial alerts and the outstretched hand of the opposition, and for now changing "partners and strategy before the astonished gaze of Europe and the outrage of a majority of Spaniards, whom he has abandoned."
  • He maintains that, despite Sánchez's Plan B having been a “failure”, the Prime Minister considers that he is doing everything well “in his parallel universe”. "The fault lies with the PP, the rich, the hoaxes, the press, the markets. Everything is a conspiracy that makes this right-wing and bourgeois virus prime itself with Spain to test the best president in world history. ”
  • "You want us to choose between you and the chaos, but it is impossible because the chaos is you," he says.

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