El presidente del Partido Popular, Pablo Casado

Holders of his intervention:

  • He believes that the Maduro regime has "seized by the flap" by the Government, because Podemos owes its existence and financing.
  • Announces that the PP will request a commission in Congress to investigate the "kafkiana" meeting of Ábalos and the financing links of Sánchez's partners in the Government.
  • He urges Sanchez to stop Torra, because he is not a valid interlocutor, if he refuses to stop being president of the Generalitat.
  • Alert of the “institutional emptying that is not seen” that the Government intends to “charging” the division of powers and encouraging a change of political model “volatilizing all unwritten rules. "It is as if a nut enters an insect and empties it inside, although on the outside it remains the same."
  • "We do not provide enough to make such opposition," says the leader of the PP after the constant controversy in just two weeks of leftist government, what he seeks is to "adocenar" and "tear" the work of control to the Executive.
  • “We have a government installed in the lie with impunity, impunity and recidivism. I have never seen a president who lied so repeatedly, without any social, media or electoral reproach at the height of his lies. ”
  • Call the re-foundation of the center-right as "a national necessity" to defeat the alliance of the left and nationalism.
  • Ensures that the PP does not have to disguise or deny the past. "It is the other formations that disguise themselves as PP and chant our songs to karaoke," he says.
  • He advocates giving the "ideological battle" and not letting the left snatch the flags of equality, the digital revolution or climate change from the PP because it has led the political advance in these matters.
  • He assures that the “regime change” that arises is a revision of the Constitution of 78, “which is the current one”, which he has defined as “open, modern, permeable and the umbrella that has allowed us to enjoy the greater period of peace, freedom and prosperity in the history of Spain ”.
  • Remember that the process that crosses the PSOE of union with nationalisms "is not new" but began with the Pact of Tinell in 2003 and ended with Pedralbes and "the staging of a regime change that is the explicit review of the system of 78 "
  • Alert of the "dichotomy" among those who bet on the historical continuity of Spain and "those who want to raise a flag to rebuild the system, change the regime or the paradigm of what our country is".

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