Casado desde Pontevedra

He points out that the PP will not rise until reaching agreements on the Cajal Plan and warns that it will be difficult to reach an economic pact with "massive tax increases"

He considers that it is an “irresponsibility” to raise taxes in times of recession and advocates offering facilities to companies by lowering corporate tax, social security contributions and personal income tax, as Germany, Italy or the US are doing.
He states that Feijóo represents "the best recent history of Galicia and the best future project for Galicians". "It is an umbrella in which every moderate and sensible Galician who wants a better education for their children, quality health and a better job, can take shelter", says
It conveys a message of tranquility to the voters and ensures that they can exercise their right to vote on July 12 "with all the guarantees" hygienic-sanitary in the electoral colleges
It values ​​the “effective measures” of the PP tourism revival program against the “insufficient plan” of the Executive, because 93% of the aid is credits that are going to have to be used to pay the taxes of the months in which “nothing” has not been invoiced
Asks the Government to support entrepreneurs in the tourism sector "so that they do not have to fire their workers and have more fiscal competitiveness to maintain their businesses"

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