• He emphasizes that in the demonstration today the spirit of October 12 is breathed here that with the king of Spain at the helm said that “Catalonia is a fundamental part of Spain and, above all, it is a land completely opposed to violence and intolerance and to the sectarianism of the independentistas ”.
  • He reiterates his thanks to the FCSE, the essential work they are doing and asks that they be awarded. “We must put an end to that violence, make the law is fulfilled and recover the seny, common sense, something very characteristic of Catalan society, which some have broken in recent decades. ”
  • Casado: "For me it is very special to be back in Barcelona, ​​to say that I am also Catalan and to the Catalans who are not alone and that we want to guarantee their freedom and security."
  • He considers it very positive that "all constitutionalist parties are here." But he warns that he has no "choice" but to ask the PSC and the PSOE to break any agreement with the independentists, to make his presence credible today.
  • "We live in one of the most decentralized countries in the world," explains Casado, who believes that "Catalonia has enjoyed magnificent self-government since the Constitutional Pact and our obligation is precisely to preserve that prosperity."
  • It would be good for Pedro Sánchez to be here and to say where he is: if on the streets of Barcelona, ​​with the constitutionalists, with whom we ask for concord and freedom or if he still does not close the door to agreements with JxCAT, ERC or even Bildu, that Two days ago they signed a manifesto asking for independence. ”
  • “The most dramatic thing about that manifesto is that all who signed it are Sánchez's partners and not those of the motion of censure, but also those who are ruling right now in Navarra, in the Valencian Community, in 40 municipalities and in the Diputación de Barcelona ”, he recalls.
  • It requires the PSOE and Sánchez to clarify who they are with, because "political funambulism and balances in the wire are very harmful for Spain," he says, while noting that "if they do not want to close the door to agree with Torra and Junqueras the 10N, they have to do it before the elections so that the Spaniards know it ”.
  • He adds that "today is a good time for their representatives in this demonstration to announce that they break immediately with any institutional agreement and any negotiation with the independentists who have already been convicted of sedition."

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