Pablo Casado, acompañado de Fátima Báñez y Elvira Rodríguez, en el segundo día de las Jornadas Activemos España

  • He emphasizes that this position was presented by the PPE and affirms that his party "has done more for Spain than the partners of the PSOE"
  • He conveys his thanks to the Prime Ministers and to the European Commissioners who “have rowed in favor of Spain's interests”
  • He announces that he has instructed the deputies to try to reach an agreement today on health and the European Union in the Reconstruction Commission with the "hope that the Government accepts the PP's proposal to reach a state pact for health"
  • It hopes that the negotiation of the funds entails responsibility in the use of these resources and that structural reforms are applied and those that already exist, such as labor, are maintained.
  • On his second anniversary at the head of the party, he thanks the support of all his colleagues and points out that his formation is already the only "winning alternative" to this government.
  • It highlights that today 3 million more Spaniards have a PP mayor and 8 million more compatriots have an autonomous PP president
  • He praises the trajectories of Elvira Rodríguez and Fátima Báñez in the PP governments and their achievements at decisive moments for our economy, such as the labor reform that has been “underpinned” by Sánchez in the pandemic months by activating the ERTE

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