El presidente del Partido Popular, Pablo Casado, durante su entrevista en Más de Uno

  • He cites as an example of the "cowardice and complicity" of the Prime Minister who goes to Brussels the same day that his Minister of Justice announces the processing of pardons, that he does not censure his Government partners for attacking the Monarchy and sends Calvo to negotiate the PGE with Bildu in exchange for the transfer of 58 ETA prisoners
  • "No ruler would be tolerated by the accumulation of deceptions and lies that we are seeing in this legislature," he says in reference to Sánchez's changes in criteria regarding his government alliances
  • He considers that the Government is interested in "putting the focus" of the pandemic in the Community of Madrid "and that is unfair" because it raises political questions about scientific ones, after denouncing the change in attitude of the Executive with the Community of Madrid in just three days
  • "Sánchez, Illa and Simón cannot give lessons to anyone, because the management has been catastrophic," he asserts
  • He proposes that the Executive, which is ultimately responsible in the event of a pandemic, coordinate a general response for all of Spain, with a "national legal framework". "The epidemiological criterion has to be objective for all of Spain, with scientific bases," he adds
  • It considers that a single health command is compatible with co-governance with the CCAA so that all administrations row in the same direction
  • He emphasizes that the pandemic is not a problem only in Madrid but in all of Spain, because of the ten European regions with the highest rate of infections, nine are Spanish
  • He assures that, if Torra is disqualified, the Government of Catalonia must be changed as soon as possible and the citizens should be called to the polls, because otherwise we would be facing a "fraud of the law"
  • It highlights that the possible disqualification of Torra is thanks to the PP's complaint before the JEC and ensures that his formation will exercise the opposition in Catalonia within constitutionalism. "We have been decisive to stop the coup that Puigdemont gave," he recalls
  • He describes as "disturbing and disturbing" the announcement of the Executive to process the pardons to the prisoners of 1-O and points out that the role of the Government is worrying, which is "letting go" also with the modification of the crime of sedition
  • He assures that he does not want to reinforce Sánchez with motions of no confidence and points out that, if he is now governing, it is because of the appeal he made to divide the vote of the center-right
  • "Spaniards can fully trust the PP, because whoever has done it will pay," says Casado, who recalls that this does not happen in all parties in reference to the PSOE, which does have "contacts" convicted such as the of the Minister of Justice with Chaves this summer or three of his ministers who were advisers in the Board of the ERE
  • He describes as "scandal" the case of Vice President Ribera with the Isofoton company, which received millionaire grants from the Junta de Andalucía. "It is a matter of extraordinary gravity," he concludes.

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