Foto de grupo tras la intervención de Pablo Casado.

"If an EPP Commissioner had to resign for skipping a lockdown in Ireland, I think that skipping the democratic lockdown to the Maduro regime should also have consequences"

He points out that when democracy is at stake, "silence is synonymous with cowardice, complicity and, in this case, passive tolerance in the face of these abuses"

He accuses the Government of entertaining Delcy Rodríguez in a Spanish airport "hiding, lying and failing to speak to his European partners"

It points to Podemos as a party that has been "at the center of Maduro's repressive policies" and that intends to extend in Spain "the same strategy of undermining the pillars of democracy"

He affirms that Chavismo, “advised by some members of the current Government of Spain”, has subjected the country to a violent spiral from which more than 5 million people have had to flee

It demands free, transparent and verifiable presidential and parliamentary elections in Venezuela, and proposes six measures for Maduro and “his accomplices” to pay for their crimes before Justice:

1. Promote new sanctions in Europe against members of the regime and the freezing of their economic assets

2. Cessation of the violation of Human Rights

3. Release of political prisoners

4. Promote an independent investigation

5. Undertake appropriate legal actions before the Spanish justice, the European Court of Human Rights and the International Criminal Court

6. That the elections called for December 6 are not accepted

“May the Chavistas and those who support and advise them there or in Spain lose hope. Freedom will come to Venezuela, as it came to Spain ”, he assures

He affirms that the PP wants the same for Venezuela as for Spain: freedom, harmony, peace and a democracy that does not look to the past or walk backwards

"Your fight is our fight, because those who try to undermine your rights also intend to do so with ours in Spain and they do it in the same way: seeking to divide the opposition and degrading all institutions to their absolute control," he said in the presence of the dozen Venezuelan opponents who have been present in the videoconference with Juan Guaidó

He recalls that in Venezuela “the opposition division was the origin of everything” and affirms that “for Spain to continue being a strong democracy it is necessary the union of the center-right around the moderate option that is the PP avoiding radicalism and the frenzy of bloc politics that the left promotes and encourages "

It claims the defense without complexes of Spanish democracy, of the reconciliation that was the Transition, of the Constitution, with all the institutions that it consecrated, and of an independent Justice

It demands the Executive to comply with and put into practice the condemnation of the violation of human rights in Venezuela approved in Congress because "although Sánchez does not like it, in our democratic system the Government must respect Parliament"

He considers that President Guaidó embodies the essence of freedom and the unity of the democrats that the Venezuelan people need ”and highlights the figure of the PP MEP, Leopoldo López,“ a courageous father who is fighting in all international forums ”

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