Pablo Casado en los actos oficiales del Ayuntamiento de Madrid con motivo de la festividad de San Isidro

Holders of his speech:

  • Bet on "effective measures to reactivate the entire tourism industry" that go through the safety of tourists, green corridors, immunological passports and not the quarantine imposed by Sánchez on those who come to Spain
  • It supports the Community of Madrid in its bid to go to phase I because "it has the health services and the rate of infection necessary to gradually and safely open the economy"
  • "We have to reactivate Spain as soon as possible and that is why we presented a plan B on Tuesday to reactivate the economy, create jobs and increase collection with the aim of sustaining the Welfare State," he stresses.
  • He defines as “solid and for the entire legislature” the agreements signed with Ciudadanos en ayuntamientos and CC.AA, where it operates as a “strong coalition”
  • Commits to farmers "to defend their rights in the negotiation of the CAP" that have been essential in recent months in the food supply
  • It highlights the commitment of the people of Madrid to solidarity, with responsibility in the fight against this pandemic and also "the effectiveness and closeness of the mayor José Luis Martínez Almeida"

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