El presidente del Partido Popular, Pablo Casado

  • They show their concern over the rebound in the number of infections and deaths due to the coronavirus, and convey a message of encouragement and support to the sick, families and all health personnel.
  • It demands respirators for the sick, that massive tests be carried out on the entire population, that the MIRs can be hired as associate doctors and an objective criterion for the supply or distribution of the medical material requisitioned by the Ministry.
  • The PP leader asks the Government for a "unique and objective criterion" to guarantee the supply and distribution of material.
  • Given the dramatic situation of nursing homes, requires that "beyond press conferences" define what is the protocol of action in them and guarantee the necessary material.
  • He asks Sánchez that the consular corps act to help the Spaniards who are abroad to return to their homes.
  • He claims that the Army with its aerial means can bring material from abroad "since we know that some international manufacturers require to go to those points to collect it and with a guarantee of immediate payment."
  • It claims security in the food supply, with clear measures for distributors, who need protection and unification of criteria.
  • He requests that the 2,500 million euros owed to the Autonomous Communities reach them and calls for the "immediate" implementation of an economic recovery plan, with tax cuts and measures to increase competitiveness, "banishing ideological debates between the public and the public sector. private".
  • He underlines that the presidents of the autonomies and autonomous city that governs the PP have transferred to him that they maintain their loyalty and collaboration with the Government of Spain before all the measures of the decree of the state of alarm.

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