Holders of the statements before the media:

  • Casado closes the door to abstention stating that "the PP will continue to reach out to the PSOE in State Pacts", like the eleven that has already offered Sanchez, for the stability of Spain.
  • It requires the acting president a “turn” to his political strategy in Navarra so that the PSN does not agree “neither by action nor omission with the heirs of Batasuna”.
  • Appeals to the example of Murcia to reach an agreement "as soon as possible" in the Community of Madrid.
  • He regrets that Sanchez “made it very clear” in his two-hour speech what his future line was for Spain and that he wants a leftist government that repeals the laws approved by the PP. "His short-term career revalidates that his strategy is to refuse any pact with the PP," he adds.
  • He considers that “Sanchez should have come with the negotiation already done and he will have to give many explanations because the leftist voters do not understand how he has not reached an agreement at the national level that has been reached in ten deputies, a dozen provinces and He has tried in seven communities. ”
  • On the unblocking of the legislature he remembers what Sanchez said to Rajoy: “There is only one person in exclusive and he is the one who has gone to the investiture and has lost it”.
  • He considers that "Sanchez will have to decide if he wants to appear again" and warns that "he should not hold the rest of the parties responsible for a situation he has created."
  • It highlights the ability to reach agreements of López Miras, appreciates the work of García Egea, and praises the attitude of Citizens and Vox because despite the differences, the three parties have maintained common positions such as educational freedom, lowering taxes or the commitment to continue growing economically.

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