Holders of their statements before the media:

  • Casado announces the presentation of resources of the PP before the Table of Congress and the TC, because with the formulas used by elected parliamentarians, the Constitution has not been complied with and the status of deputy is not acquired.
  • He accuses the president of the Congress of “abandonment of responsibilities” for preventing the services of the Chamber from checking if the parliamentarians have acquired the status of deputies.
  • He considers it "regrettable" that the PSOE, which was weaving a sanitary cord against VOX, has given way to the Mesa, and that VOX, who "became the victim of a sanitary cord," applies it to Citizens.
  • He regrets that “because of the PSOE”, the deputy of Podemos Pisarello, who wanted to withdraw the flag of Spain in Barcelona, ​​is on the table, and the deputy of Citizens, Espejo, is left out, “who was disgusted with the PP for defending the constitutionalists. "
  • Announces that he will request the urgent appearance of Sánchez in Congress, to explain the plot of the ERE and the theft of 800 million euros in a clientele and corrupt gear “that allowed the PSOE to remain in power by defrauding the unemployed.”
  • It reveals that it will present a Proposal for a Law to re-typify the referendum offense and prevent PSOE negotiations with the independentists from leading to new consultations. "What Sanchez should we believe now?" He asks.
  • He demands explanations from Sanchez for the increase in unemployment and that “stop shifting and criticism of the opposition,” while agreeing with extremists and independence.
  • Remember that Sanchez hugged Pablo Iglesias, not the PP or Arrimadas, so call it "disrespectful" that the same day he is announcing new meetings with the independentistas tell the popular that they have to abstain.
  • Stresses that "the PP is not a substitute for ERC or Podemos" in the negotiations that Sanchez maintains, who has already chosen his partners for weeks. "We have nothing to do with them."

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