Pablo Casado en el acto central de las elecciones al Parlamento de Galicia

He states that "we are going to row together and reach out but we are also going to say what it takes in Spain to get out of this quagmire"

It appeals to the transversality that the PP "has brought to prom" since its foundation because it is "the only party that represents and shelters the Spanish who want to live in peace in a united nation without sectarianism cataloging people"

Ensures that the PP has the "moral responsibility" to say that there is room for everyone who wants to stay together, create prosperity, have a job and a future for their children and parents

It advocates preserving "constitutional harmony and daily coexistence, fleeing from the blocks of confrontation but without evading our responsibility to make opposition"

He emphasizes that the PP "has lived up to the circumstances" in this pandemic, supporting the first extensions of the state of alarm, proposing an economic plan and reaching out for a state pact in health matters

He accuses Sánchez of acting with Feijóo with “the impotence of the bad soccer player who wants a flooded field so that the ball does not roll”

He asks Sánchez "without twitching and without acrimony" that before leaving Galicia with the caravan of 12 cars that he has brought him, he should commit himself to the "legitimate and fair" claims of the Galicians. "I do and that is why I support the best president in the history of the Xunta", he says

He accuses the PSOE of "playing risk" with the communities where he cannot govern and gives as an example the paralysis of the AVE in Galicia

Highlights the "paradox" that the rulers who comply do not have the support of the Government but their tripping

It vindicates the PP as a party with "experience of government" that, being an opposition, reached a state pact to "remove pensions from the partisan confrontation

Reiterates that the PP reaches out to a state pact in health, research, industry and care of the elderly

Affirms that the PP has supported the decree "insufficient" of the so-called new normality "to send a message of unity and responsibility"

He vindicates the “legacy of Mariano Rajoy” that created 3 million jobs with a labor reform that has also allowed regulating the Erte and that approved a citizen security law to protect the FCSE, which they have now used to sanction 1.3 million of spanish

He assures that the PP is supporting Spain in the EU, both with the recovery plan and with the candidacies to occupy positions of relevance, contrary to what the PSOE did, which did not support Miguel Arias and Luis de Guindos, and asked the resignation of Loyola de Palacio as European Commissioner

"I do not ask that they thank us or applaud us but at least that they do not misrepresent or manipulate", he claims

Define Alberto Núñez Feijóo as “the president of the Galicians” and the person who has most protected this land

He assures that the PP candidate "is the best guarantee for the future of this land and has fought for the well-being of every Galician"

He points out that the PP of Galicia has always predicted good times for the PP in the rest of Spain

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