He denounces that Sanchez has spent the whole summer as a “man-announcement, anticipating a pre-campaign”

· Casado contrasts the "refrain" of the PSOE with "more unemployment, debt, deficit and taxes", to the management of the PP of unemployment reduction, increase in investment and creation of companies, with a commitment to the unity of Spain
· He denounces that Sanchez has spent the whole summer as a “man-announcement, anticipating a pre-campaign” and that “his real ambition is to be acting president, even if nothing works in this Government”
· Remember that the president is responsible for forming a government, avoiding new elections, ending uncertainty and stop playing "sorcerer's apprentice with the expectations of the Spanish"
· "The PP will find us where always: in responsibility, willing to add, prepared to unlock the situation and break the vicious circle in which we have installed the left," he says
· “If we were able to unite around our ideas and programs in Andalusia against bad management, how can we not do so in the face of sectarianism and their radicalism? If the PSOE can be understood with Bildu and Esquerra, how can we not agree who defends Spain? ”He asks
· He assures that the Spaniards reward the agreement and remember that “the best moments in these forty years have been closing pacts. "The center-right vote was fragmented and it is time to weld that fracture"
· Stresses the vocation of service of Juanma Moreno, who led the formation of Government with the "book of style of the PP: moderation in forms and ambition and clarity in the principles and objectives"
· He affirms that the PP "does not fit any behavior that is not exemplary," but warns that they will not admit "recipes or honesty cards from other parties." “Honesty is our main requirement”
· The condolences of the PP are transferred to the relatives of those killed by listeriosis and to the couples who have lost the baby they were waiting for, trust the soon restoration of the sick and thank the SAS professionals for their “professionalism and delivery” and the rest staff of Andalusian administrations their effort
· Support the president of the Junta de Andalucía and his government for the management of this matter, "being close to families, relying on medical criteria and informing the opposition and society"

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