Pablo Casado en San Sebastián

He points out that Sánchez has had a bad “past” interview in the Corriere della sera and “his mask has fallen off”

“We appreciate the sincerity, even though we already knew it. Heard cooking, Mr Sánchez, but don't lie to the Spanish ”

He vindicates the PP's Housing Plan and recalls that his formation presented in Congress a proposal for a Law against illegal occupation with five basic points that do not affect mortgage evictions due to social vulnerability LAW AGAINST ILLEGAL OCCUPATION

1. Recover that the crime of usurpation carries penalties with sentences of 1 to 3 years in prison

2. That the FCSE can evict in 24 hours or in a maximum of 48 an illegally occupied house

3. Prohibit municipalities from registering squatters

4. Provide facilities to neighboring communities to act before the courts of justice

5. That the owners who are legal entities can act against the occupation

He considers that our Democracy cannot bear that the insults of churches to journalists and judges at the Council press conference are “naturalized” with the silence of three ministers. "That has not been seen in forty years," he says.

The PP leader asks President Sánchez what he is going to do after the attacks by Iglesias on journalists and remarks that the Dina case has already become the Sánchez case

He advocates "locking himself in" until he reaches a State pact for Health "that the Spanish deserve" and regrets that the Government is struggling to reach an agreement on this matter

He criticizes Sánchez for "a sound file" on the economic pacts in Europe while the European Commission updates the economic forecasts for Spain downwards. "Neither green shoots nor high-end success, but a huge recession," he says.

Remember that all economic indicators say that Spain is worse than the rest of Europe and is committed to lowering taxes, increasing liquidity for SMEs, and expanding ERTE beyond the end of the year for the Tourism sector.

Urges the PNV, "which is moderate," to explain to its voters that it is happy with Pablo Iglesias as vice president; with Garzón, "a declared communist", as Minister of Consumer Affairs and with Yolanda Diaz as head of Labor, who wants to repeal the labor reform

He warns that the PNV urn communicates with the PSOE urn, which in turn communicates with the Podemos urn. "The polls are transparent but they try to put a curtain or conduits that lead to pacts that the center-right voters do not want"

"Whoever does not want Podemos to rule in Spain, nor in the Basque Country Bildu, has only one alternative: the constitutional vote for the PP + CS coalition," Casado points out, while defending agglutinating the moderate and useful vote that influences politics. national and european

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