Pablo Casado reunido con Nicolás Redondo

The national president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, today defended the regrouping of the constitutionalist parties to face the serious political, social and institutional crisis to which this government has led us.

During a meeting with Nicolás Redondo Terreros, Francesc de Carreras, Víctor Gómez Frías and Javier Santacruz, members of “The Spain that gathers”, the leader of the PP was in favor of opening a space for collaboration between the left, the center and the right constitutionalist to resolve the institutional, economic and social crisis that the government of Sánchez and Iglesias has caused in our country.
In that meeting, held at the national headquarters of the PP, the members of this opinion club agreed with the president of the party that “it is more necessary than ever to join forces in a cross-cutting project that embraces reformism in the face of rupture, harmony in the face of confrontation and union in the face of sedition. "
Likewise, they all made it clear that the defense of the 78 system, the demand for the Transition and the validity of the Constitution should be the main objective of civil society and moderate political forces.
Finally, Casado and the promoters of “The Spain that gathers” addressed some of the structural reforms that our country requires, especially in economic, administrative and labor market matters.

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