El presidente del Partido Popular, Pablo Casado


  1. The PP leader asks Sánchez to stop talking "about what could happen in a few months" and focus on solving the pandemic because he has been using "smoke screens" for a long time. "More efficiency and less propaganda," he stresses.

  2. "Sánchez talks about reconstruction when we are in the middle of the war," emphasizes Casado, who points out that the priority now is "saving lives."

  3. It is curious that they talk about pacts and did not call him for 10 days when the PP has supported the government's containment measures.

  4. He points out that the Pacts of La Moncloa were already signed by Sánchez with Podemos and the independentistas when he was appointed president.

  5. He emphasizes that the PP has always been in favor of social dialogue, as evidenced by the eleven state pacts proposed to the Prime Minister. "We will support the Executive to save lives, but not to distribute responsibilities in the heat of battle."

  6. He criticized the improvisation of the Government by lifting economic hibernation and wondered how the Executive would guarantee the protection of workers who today resume their activity when they have not been able to do so with health professionals.

  7. He affirms that the Government is responding to the loyalty of the PP with insults. "We are loyal but we show our concern because this is not going well," he adds.

  8. Ask the PSOE to rectify after accusing the PP of using the victims and throwing stones at the toilets, when his party has asked for protection and extra pay for this group.

  9. He praises the work of the autonomous presidents of the PP, because they were the first to ask the government for measures to stop the pandemic.

  10. He maintains that Sánchez's request that the de-escalation be political is not sincere and demands that there be a "real collaboration and not be so aware of propaganda or televised speeches."

  11. He denounces that of the three million Spaniards who have been able to take advantage of an ERTE "none have received their benefit", despite the fact that they should have received on March 31.

  12. He asks Sánchez to exercise his leadership with "efficiency, determination and firmness" and less "propaganda, propaganda and propaganda".

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