Pablo Casado visita Room Mate Oscar Hotel, junto a Isabel Díaz Ayuso

  • It demands the Government not to give up the entire year of the tourism sector and to help it with a plan to reduce tax incentives for Spanish tourism, in an international campaign
  • "Spain needs to gradually catch its breath," says Casado, who claims that three million Spaniards live in the tourism sector and represents 13% of Spanish GDP, about 14% of all national employment.
  • Warning that "150,000 million euros are at stake if this sector does not de-escalate with massive tests, with protection material for its workers and with the confidence of a country that is committed to one of its essential sectors"
  • He considers that "the hotel sector should be thanked for" having given the best of itself in the worst moments in its history "offering 22 establishments for professionals and 13 for patients
  • She describes as a “pioneer” the initiative of Isabel Díaz Ayuso to ask hotel establishments to open their doors to health professionals, elderly people transferred from residences, patients, members of the state security forces and forces, or carriers
  • It recognizes the great work carried out by health professionals in Ifema and in the public and private hospitals in the capital. "Madrid and Spain will never forget their sacrifice"
  • He reiterates the proposal to give extra pay to the toilets and requests that those killed by the covid-19 "be considered as deceased due to an accident at work, so that their relatives can see their pension increased". "It is the least we can do for our heroes"

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