Intervención de Pablo Casado en la clausura de la Escuela de Verano del PP de Aragón

It calls for “serious and non-partisan” policies, and highlights that in just 15 days, as it has been saying since March, “two lines” of an organic law can be modified to limit mobility

– "I ask that no minister attack an autonomous community or a president try to wash the bad figures by blaming other administrations," he says in relation to the TSJM resolution that agrees with the Community of Madrid

– Remember that the PP has been advocating for months to agree on a legal framework to achieve an intermediate point between the state of alarm and randomness in decision-making that later depend on a court, as has happened in Madrid

– "Politicians have to act with loyalty, give tranquility and have scientific criteria," he affirms in the face of the message of fear that the Government has launched against Madrid

– Demands the dismissal of Iglesias "following the same scale" as Sánchez and warns the president that he will become an "accomplice" in his crimes if the vice president continues in his post. "Instead of insulting the King, Iglesias should explain the irregular funding of his party"

– It affirms that there cannot be different measuring sticks when demanding exemplarity from the public powers and warns that Iglesias has been singled out for three crimes aggravated by gender. "This is also legal security and weighs on the credibility of a country"

– Considers the "last straw" that, after hearing the letter of the judge of the National Court, Pedro Sánchez supports his vice president, "that just for lying to a judge should already resign"

– He describes as "disappointing" that Sánchez speaks of creating 800,000 jobs when a million jobs have already been lost and highlights that at the end of the legislature we will have a negative balance of 200,000

– “I have not seen any other country in which a rescue plan is announced with the hymn of joy. It is an insult to intelligence and an administrative obscenity to celebrate that neighboring countries have to rescue us for not having done our homework "

– He assures that businessmen need certainty and regrets that while in other countries such as France a political opponent is appointed to manage European aid, here he will be the president's chief of staff "who is going to do pure lobbying for clients."

– Asks "humility to those who do it badly or very badly and not to prescribe a propaganda act every month trying to whitewash the disaster of their management"

– He warns that, according to the government's own figures, the "economic outlook is grim" and asks "what is there to celebrate and how do we emerge stronger". “They are celebrating a real economic and social hecatomb. From outside they look at us astonished "

– Advocates doing what Europe asks: agreeing on a national reform plan and agreeing to comply with the biannual recommendations of the EU and an independent agency to manage European funds

– It offers again an agreement, as it has done repeatedly, to undertake a health legal reform, an economic shock plan, a national reform plan and the creation of an independent Agency to manage European funds

– Outlines the “5×5” plan with proposals for the reduction and elimination of taxes, labor flexibility with maintenance of the reform that has created employment, commitment to education, reform of the administration, improvement of competitiveness and reinforcement of legal security

Measures of the 5×5 Plan with the reforms that Spain needs:

one. Fiscal Plan

  • Lower corporation tax below 20%
  • Reduce personal income tax in all sections
  • Eliminate Inheritance and Donation taxes and Heritage taxes.
  • Promote an attractive tax plan for business relocation: start-ups, development and their consolidation.
  • Eliminate the Tax on Documented Legal Acts
  • Tax exemption for affected companies and extension by one year of the grace period for ICO credits

two. Labor flexibility

  • Extension of ERTE, especially to affected sectors
  • Maintenance of the Labor Reform
  • Creation of a new modality of subsidized hiring for workers who have lost their jobs due to COVID
  • Extension of the flat rate for the self-employed.
  • Reform the Second Chance Law
  • Bet on Telework based on flexibility and agreement and support the universalization of 0-3 in Early Childhood Education as a lever for conciliation

3. Education

  • Boosting dual VET
  • Promotion of bilingualism
  • Strengthening the curricula of STEM subjects
  • Digital transformation
  • Orientation of the curriculum to future employability
  • National Assessments

Four. Administration

  • Less state and more society
  • Administrative highway: that a company can be created in 5 days.
  • Transform the prior licensing system to that of "responsible declaration"
  • Boost and new reform of the Market Unit
  • Administrative Rationalization in the path of the Commission for the Reform of Public Administrations
  • Business Growth Law

5. Competitiveness

  • Reindustrialization of the productive fabric in Spain and internationalization of companies, with the support of the Administration, reformulating the scheme of foreign action
  • Digitization Bet on 5.0
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Support to the primary sector. Tariffs and recovery of CAP funds
  • Legal security. Free economy and deregulation, with clear laws and absence of discretion

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