Pablo Casado durante la visita a un bloque de viviendas afectado por okupaciones ilegales.

It proposes to recover the crime of usurpation of a real estate with penalties of one to three years in prison, that the State Security Forces and Bodies can vacate the property in 12 hours, that squatters cannot be registered and that both the communities of owners, such as legal persons, can take legal action and act in court.

He assures that in the PDL that he has raised again in Congress, it is also specified that these measures will not affect vulnerable groups, but the mafias of illegal occupations.

– Remember that if Torra is declaring before the Supreme Court it is thanks to the fact that the PP sued the President of the Generalitat before the JEC to leave the act of deputy after being disqualified for disobedience.

– The leader of the PP demands "seny", common sense, and concord "whatever happens" with the Supreme Court's decision on Torra and that Catalonia really take care of what people are concerned about.

– “The PP is the calm and necessary force so that neither in Catalonia nor in the rest of Spain the law is violated, neither with the occupation of houses, nor with the occupation of institutions, when it goes against the Constitution that we all unite ”, he emphasizes.

– Censorship that Vice President Iglesias justified the squatting of houses: "if he justifies them, let some squatters live in the garden of his house, who do not have problems of square meters."

– Emphasizes that the occupation is a problem of the middle classes, working people and humble, who want that politicians, police, judges and prosecutors, "guarantee their right to live in peace and invest their savings in a home." "Just as you cannot steal a car, you cannot occupy a home," he adds.

– Remember that more than 40 homes are occupied throughout Spain every day and it should be noted that of these, 20 of them are in Catalonia. "It cannot be that so far this year 3,700 homes have been illegally occupied, triple the number in 2005."

– He assures that the Government has run out "without green shoots or letters in the alphabet, which can withstand the dramatic social and economic figures." "This drama must always be accompanied by social policy, with the recovery of employment and also with the recovery of the economic fabric that is suffering so much from the mismanagement of the Sánchez Government."

– He praises the work of Xabi Albiol at the head of the Badalona town hall, "an inhabitant who gives himself to his neighbors" and praises Alejandro Fernández who has a "clear and transversal" project for Catalonia.

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