Rueda de prensa de Pablo Casado

• Casado demands from Sánchez a “single command” to coordinate all the sanitary and economic actions. "The expansion of the coronavirus will not be stopped with suggestions but with decisive and coordinated actions"

• Claims to the Government a "shock and reactivation plan" of the economy beyond "patches or bandages that will not heal the wound"

• Considers the measures announced by the Government "clearly insufficient" to control the pandemic and regrets that the Executive is acting "late" and is "parapet in science instead of exercising leadership to guide Spain in this crisis"

• He highlights that Sánchez's intervention has been “disappointing and leaves us very concerned”. "A Prime Minister must assume his responsibilities and not act behind the events," he says.

• Announces that it will support the urgent measures of the Government by Royal Decree and points out that supporting the PGE agreed with Podemos and the nationalists would be "the lace for the economy"

• Explains that "it does not seem an operational route" to start processing General State Budgets that would take three months and whose forecasts of expenditure and income would be surpassed by reality. "It is not an urgent but an opportunistic solution," he says.

• Criticizes that the 2,800 million euros announced for the Autonomous Communities only anticipates this already foreseen payment for ten days and the 1,000 million of the Contingency Fund are included in the PP budgets • Complaint that the 2,500 million that Sánchez owes to the Autonomous Communities still do not return and that they are essential to face the pandemic

• He advocates that Congress remain open, with containment measures. "It is important that in a time of crisis, the government address the Nation through the Cortes." "The more crisis, the more Parliament," he stresses.

• Affirms that, if it is possible to validate the package of urgent measures in Parliament, it is also possible that the Prime Minister will appear to account for the management of this serious crisis

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