Pablo Casado, acompañado de Antonio Garamendi, en la tercera jornada de Activemos España con Europa

  • Announces that the PP is going to "harmonize a party strategy" to present "winning projects" with European funds in the territories where it governs so that another Plan E is not repeated "with large cartels that will then amount to nothing"
  • He affirms that Europe has already complied and now it is up to the Government to act because there is no "trap or cardboard" and from now on the employment indicator will be looked at
  • It requires that the money that corresponds to Spain be “used well” to create medium-term employment with high added value
  • Warns Sánchez that "Europe returns to help Spain" in exchange for "responsibility, stability and reforms because only in this way can employment be created"
  • He affirms that the agreement reached by the European Council "is good for Spain" although it is a "full-blown rescue" to the national economy and "the Government has to assume it even if it tries to sell otherwise"
  • He underlines that the PP's recipes have always worked and exposes to the Government the five points on which he must act: tax reform, labor flexibility, reduction of bureaucracy, training and competitiveness
  • Faced with the proposal to reduce the CAP by 10%, he assures that "the countryside cannot be the heathen" of the negotiation of the European fund and advances that the PP will ask for the aid to be maintained
  • It proposes to act “surgically” in the face of outbreaks to avoid another drastic closure and advocates extending ERTE in the sectors most affected by the virus.
  • Commitment to provide liquidity to companies, extend ERTEs and increase competitiveness so that companies are not forced to close
  • Remember that in the last two years 157,000 companies have closed, the creation of companies has decreased by 57% and in the last year 50,000 self-employed have ceased their activity
  • It proposes promoting environmental sustainability, digitization of aid to SMEs and young people and water projects linked to the countryside, as well as maintaining labor reform, pension sustainability and market unity
  • He thanks employers for their work during the pandemic, highlights the "vocation of public service" of the CEOE president, Antonio Garamendi, "at the risk of his own life to defend freedom and not commune with the ETA dictatorship"
  • Underlines the "independence and professionalism" of the Spanish company and its "commitment to liberties and democracy"

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