El presidente del Partido Popular, Pablo Casado, en rueda de prensa

Intervention headlines:

It demands that "the Government avoid the bailout, that it lower taxes so that companies do not close, that it provide liquidity and that it allow the economy to revive because with employment we pay the Welfare State," he stresses.

The PP leader considers the government to be "right again, but he intends to spend another month with the exception of the state of alarm. They have been saying for two months that there was no legal alternative to the state of alarm because they are very comfortable governing on ministerial orders, and it is a fraud of law ”

Stresses that the government is not talking to the sectors and asks for green corridors for tourism, access to airports through on-site tests and the immunological passport

Shows concern about the delay in conducting the seroprevalence study and regrets that the CIS survey has even been published before

The Popular Party calls for a "national strategy" like that of Germany and South Korea. It calls for the carrying out of massive tests, the mandatory use of face masks on the street and indoors for the elderly, the immunological passport to give freedom of movement to those who have already passed it, the fingerprint with a QR code duly anonymized and monitoring of the contacts of the infected and protection material

It proposes that the Government guarantee the masks to the population through the health card with collection from pharmacies

"We have to live with the virus. Protect risk groups, the elderly and people with previous pathologies "

He explains that "the Government is not protecting the population, confinement is the last resort, a brutal measure and at the same time the easiest" which, according to prestigious jurists, also does not protect the limitation of interprovincial mobility, with which the Government would already be applying other legal figures

• Ensures that there is an "alternative" to the extension of the state of alarm in the basic legislation to avoid having to maintain it, up to six rules to maintain single command and three to protect the limitation of interprovincial mobility. You can also resort to a decree under the international legislation of the EU and WHO, or change the Public Health Law of 86

• Remember that we have been in alarm for two months, that the PP has supported without conditions and that the Government says that it has no alternative, as they also said that the ERTE could not be untied and now they have been untied

• “I ask that there be no discretion in the phase step, that there be objectivity and public criteria. We want solutions, not press conferences and propaganda "

• He regrets that "we arrived later than anyone and we left later than anyone, with more deaths than anyone and more infected people than anyone else"

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