Pablo Casado y Carlos Iturgaiz participan en una ofrenda floral en recuerdo de Miguel Ángel Blanco

"The disturbing and disturbing thing is not the Monarchy, but this radical government," stresses Casado, who warns: "This is not against the King, but against the constitutional Monarchy, against national unity, the rule of law and the future of our sons".

He praises the figure of King Felipe VI, whom he describes as "an impeccable and patriotic person, who defends the interests of the Spanish like no one else."

He regrets "really" that Calviño has not obtained the presidency of the Eurogroup and ensures that "the PP is going to fight for national interests and row because Spain has more weight in Europe. "You have to be solvent, credible and humble," he adds.

He warns that in Europe commitments must be fulfilled because there they "take the registration" of defaults and then "weakness is trading downwards." "We need Europe to have more weight in Spain," he says.

Regarding the negotiation of the EU reconstruction fund, he explains that "it is not a good business for Pablo Iglesias to dedicate himself to insulting some countries".

Remember that the small countries that are blamed for Calviño's defeat in the vote are Socialists – Finland, Sweden and Denmark – and a PP coalition with the Greens, in the case of Austria.

He wonders what conditionality will have the MEDE aid to which Sánchez said yesterday that he would go.

He argues that "the bad thing is to lie." "They have not managed with foresight and now in some communities they are declaring the masks mandatory when Fernando Simón said three months ago that their use was counterproductive," he emphasizes.

Responds to Urkullu that with the PNV's support for Sánchez's inauguration, his party supported the massive rise in taxes and the repeal of the labor reform. "What you have to do is lower taxes because the regional government allows you to do it."

Describes how in this campaign PP + Cs has spoken about employment, taxes, freedom of education, industry, pensions, the environment, housing, health and the real problems of the people. "We are a candidate stuck to the ground," he says.

He calls for the PP + Cs coalition to have strong representation in the Basque Parliament and demands that the vote in the coalition be brought together to prevent “the remains” from favoring Bildu as has happened in the past elections.

"Those who took the last seat from Mari Mar Blanco were those who do not condemn the murder of her brother," he says.

Reflect that without the Basque Country Spain cannot be explained and without the Statute of Gernika the three Basque provinces cannot be understood.

He criticizes that there are two people still buried in the Zaldíbar landfill and explains that the good management of the PNV is a mantra.

He points out that Carlos Iturgaiz represents memory, dignity and justice and appeals to citizens to build a better future for the Basque Country.

Send a hug to Mari Mar Blanco and her entire family on the 23rd anniversary of the kidnapping and murder of the PP councilor, Miguel Ángel Blanco. "Ermua represents kilometer zero of the political vocation," he says, recalling the wreath he has made at the monument to the victims of terrorism this Friday.

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