El presidente del Partido Popular, Pablo Casado

Ask Pedro Sánchez to consult “without further delay” to the Spaniards if what he intends is to accept any independentist requirement outside the Constitution and the law in exchange for supporting his budgets ”

He warns that only the Spaniards as a whole can decide "on issues inherent to national sovereignty." "Only in the Spanish people lies the national sovereignty legitimated to make that decision because no one can rule against the will of the vast majority of the Spanish."

"We will never accept consummated facts that go beyond the democratic laws that we have all given ourselves."

He says that "never a budget cost a democracy so much." “The weakness of a government kneeling before blackmail and arbitrariness never reached so much. No one has voted for this. ”

Bet on dialogue as a formula to settle differences but with the condition sine qua non that is within the "perimeter" of the rule of law.

He affirms that the PP will use all democratic resources at its disposal "so that the general interest prevails and no Catalan feels discriminated against in his land".

He emphasizes that his party will demand “transparency, accountability and knowing every last detail of what was said” in each of the monthly meetings of the negotiating table.

The PP undertakes to revoke any prevende to independence when it comes back to the Government.

He points out that Sánchez “consumed the most serious self-amendment that is remembered from any political leader and sat at a claudication table behind the controls of Parliament, sneaking up against the counterweights of the rule of law and face to face with the lieutenant of Puigdemont "

"We are facing a political fraud, a legal delusion and a embezzlement of sovereignty that we will not tolerate."

He emphasizes that yesterday “the first meeting of a negotiating table took place, more typical of the signing of an armistice between two heads of state of belligerent countries”.

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