· Casado demands that Sanchez be held accountable for the "terrible" case of buying votes from the PSOE in Andalusia, which "is the tip of the iceberg" of the socialist "clientele network"

· Remember that this purchase came when Pedro Sanchez was secretary general of the PSOE, so you can not avoid an explanation about "why this has happened, where more and how much time"

· He emphasizes that “all of Spain suspected that in the governments of Chaves, Griñán and Susana Díaz there was a clientele network that bought the votes of their neighbors with public money”

· He praised the lowering of taxes in the autonomous communities where the PP governs, which have created employment and wealth, and encourages Ximo Puig to “do the same” in the Valencian Community

· He notes that Ayuso's tax reduction is the role model, and that is why Madrid is improving the economy and employment while in the Valencian Community "the thing is not going very well"

· He considers "a bad joke" that the person who has blocked Spain for four months, "because he wanted to go to elections to govern alone," now announces an unlocking proposal

· "Sánchez is synonymous with blockade and the only alternative to form a government is the PP", replies to Sánchez reminding him of the agreements that his party reached in Madrid, Murcia, Castilla y León and hundreds of municipalities

· It undertakes in Valencia to approve a new regional financing model, as well as support “seamless” to the automotive sector, fight for the interests of the field and improve its infrastructure

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