Pablo Casado junto a Juanma Moreno en un acto del Partido Popular en Balanegra

Headlines of your speech:

• Complaint that like the first wave of the pandemic caught Sánchez calling for the March 8 marches, "this second wave has caught him on vacation in Lanzarote"

• "The Government is not there nor is it expected, but the PP is willing to row in this fight against the coronavirus," says the PP leader.

• “Fewer mosquito nets for Doñana and more guaranteeing protection material for Spaniards, less We come out stronger, less propaganda and more real measures so that Spaniards can know if they can leave, what will happen to the ERTE and if they will be able to take their children to school ”, he remarks

• Remember that you have offered the president a health, economic and legal Plan, and regret that Spain is at the bottom of the developed world with the worst recorded data, such as the number of infected toilets and deaths per inhabitant

• He assures that between washing his hands and a ruinous economic closure, there is an intermediate point, which the PP has already used twice as head of the Government: in 2003 with SARS and in 2015 with Ebola

• It points out that pandemics are the exclusive responsibility of Health and warns that "irresponsibility and unforeseenness" materialize in the numbers of infected and deceased

• He conveys a memory to the families of the 45,000 deceased and demands that the Government recognize the real number of COVID victims "out of pure national dignity."

• He demands that Sánchez apply the same yardstick to Iglesias and dismiss him, because "Podemos is charged, his treasurer is charged, his number two is charged and he also has the case Dina"

• He sees “unacceptable” that the President of the Government ignores a case of corruption that affects his vice president, claiming that “he has nothing to say” • He compares the management of the Junta de Andalucía as an Administration that collaborates with the Justice and “puts foot in the wall ”to any client network, with the response of the Government of Sánchez“ to do nothing ”against the financing case of Podemos

• He wonders "how can you have such a tough face" after Sánchez has attributed the reform of the PP that has made the expansion of the ERTES possible and that, in addition, he wants to repeal: "There is no room for more lies and a sense of ridicule"

• Stresses that the PP "will fight" to prevent the Government of Sánchez from "confiscating" the savings of the municipalities because, after the poor management of the Executive before COVID, it now has to depend "on foreign aid and what what others have saved "

• He demands that the remnants of the town councils be allocated to the demands of the neighbors: "It is essential that those of you who have managed well and cleared debts now dedicate it to those who need it most, to protection measures and trade"

• Urges the Government "to fight" to eliminate tariffs with the US on our products and to do so also for the CAP, "which cannot cost 5 billion our farmers and ranchers"

• He expresses his admiration for Álvaro Uribe, who collaborated in the fight against ETA, recognizes his work to end narco-terrorism in Colombia, trusts in his presumption of innocence and that the Colombian Justice is not pressured by the enemies of the former president

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