El presidente del Partido Popular, Pablo Casado

Casado demands that the disqualification of Torra be executed “immediately”, that Sanchez suspend “immediately” his interview with him and that Torrent convene the Parliament to replace the Catalan president

The PP will denounce before the courts for disobedience to Torra and Torrent for prevarication if they do not comply with the decision of the Supreme Court, and also warns the Government to do so “if he does nothing” so that the dictates of the High Court are fulfilled.

He affirms that the decision of the Supreme Court is of “maximum gravity” and that Torra “cannot continue for another day presiding over the Generalitat, as established by the Statute of the Autonomous Community”.

He warns that the PP will use all legal measures so that the "succession of disobedience, usurpations of public functions and of prevarications do not continue happening in exchange for the investiture."

He denounces that “we are seeing too many assignments” and that the Government “wants to make an amnesty de facto and a pardon by the back door to the prisoners who have hit the State ”with the reform of the Criminal Code that the Executive plans.

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