Encuentro "Mujer por encima de todo"

Headlines of his intervention in the meeting "Woman above all":

  1. He urges the Government to “not get entangled” in laws with “little criminal and technically imperfect efficacy” such as Montero's.

  2. He describes as "unfortunate" and "unwarranted spectacle" the behavior of the Government in recent days with insults of "macho and macho."

  3. "In the PP there has never been a confrontation over a gender issue and if it happened I would be ashamed of others." "I preside over a party in which I don't have to defend women because you defend yourself," he says.

  4. He refers to gender violence as an "unbearable drama" and stresses that it is a type of violence that "is exercised against women for the sake of being so."

  5. Highlights the work of the PP to advance in this area with measures such as the enactment of the first law against gender violence that incorporated restraining orders, collaboration in the first comprehensive law and leadership to agree on the National Pact against Gender Violence .

  6. It is contrary to the "victimization" of women and advocates that men and women move in the same direction. "The admiration for female conquests in recent years is inseparable from the contribution of men."

  7. “I am proud that we are fighting ideological battles without complexes, without raising our tone and with respect to say what has always been said. Consistency is the best passport for credibility. ”

  8. It rejects "collectivism" but shows "in favor of overcoming any barrier".

  9. He praises that the PP is a party with a 51 percent representation of women. "A game in which I have enough to say that you are free to say what you want, I do not have to defend yourself, you defend yourself very well alone."

  10. He points out that real equality is the autonomy achieved with employment and contrasts the 2 million women who lost their jobs with a PSOE government against the "women's employment revolution" promoted by the PP. "We do not accept lessons from the left in this area."

  11. Underlines that with the PP the pension gap was reduced between 4 and 15%, thus recognizing working women and mothers their generosity.

  12. He advocates reconciliation, teleworking and the rationalization of schedules and for advancing women's access to technical careers and STEM subjects.

  13. She defends extending the flat rate for freelancers to 24 months, as well as extending it to 36 to women in vulnerable situations and applying a specific plan for rural entrepreneurs.

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