"You have to negotiate well and with respect, without insulting those who have to support you and without selling the bear's skin before hunting it," he stresses.

Announces that the PP + C, s coalition in the Basque Country has won the sixth seat for Vizcaya to the detriment of Bildu in the regional elections and explains that the responsibility of the PP is to give stable governments that guarantee educational freedom and lower taxes ”, and be counterpoint to the Sánchez government.

"The PP supports Felipe VI, the Royal House and the monarchical Institution as guarantor of the historical continuity of Spain and the unity of the Nation", underlines "The PP censors the attitude of the Socialist Government with its vice president at the head that they ask for a referendum and the King's abdication. We trust in the presumption of innocence and in responsible institutions, "he says.

It highlights the support of the Popular Party for Spanish candidacies and in defense of Spanish interests, while the PSOE did not do so with De Guindos, nor with Arias Cañete nor with García Tejerina.

He argues that in Europe what they ask is for the interview of the vice president in the Financial Times or Sánchez's in the Corriere della Sera saying that he was not going to agree with the PP or for the expenses of 20,000 million in the electoral period. "The Marshall Plan was established to prevent the entry of communism in Europe," he adds.

He explains that in 2019 Spain reached the record-breaking collection figure and, despite this, the PSOE doubled the deficit forecast agreed with the EU and even concealed more than 3,000 million euros.

Remember that the European Reconstruction Fund has been launched by two PPE leaders, Ursula Von der Layen and Angela Merkel.

He asks Sánchez not to look for external enemies in the so-called frugal countries, the five countries of the North, of which three have social democratic governments, one liberal and the other a coalition of the PP with ecologists.

He highlights how Sánchez has not called him since May 4 despite all that has happened, more than 40,000 deaths, European negotiations, exits from the state of alarm and approvals of economic decrees. "This in Europe they do not believe it", he assures.

He explains that "the government's problem is that it does not want to agree with the PP because they believe that if it agrees it would disappear, the same thing they said to Rajoy in 2015. However, monetary policy needs agreement, but with responsibility. Europe asks for trust and credibility. "

The trajectory of Fernando Martínez Maíllo and his political vocation as a public servant from the mayor's office of a small town in Zamora to the presidency of the Provincial Council of Zamora and the organic positions they shared in the last addresses of President Rajoy stand out.


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