Intervención de Pablo Casado en la clausura de la Escuela de Verano del PP de Aragón

• "Being part of a government does not provide any shielding to attack institutions, especially those before which the position has been promised with loyalty to the King," says the leader of the PP who places Sánchez "as the only person responsible" for having in the government a party accused of irregular financing or agreeing with "executors" of terrorism and independentists

• It warns that the PP will not accept any change in the Constitution that does not pass through the right of decision of the Spaniards and indicates that it will persecute those who attempt against the Constitution "so that they receive the punishment that in justice corresponds to them"

• “Spanish democracy does not have any outstanding debt, and no one is going to change our country without asking our opinion. Everyone's decisions are only changed by everyone's agreement, and the Constitution is everyone's sovereign decision ”, he emphasizes.

• Notes that "there is no lack in our democracy that can be proposed as a reason and mitigating those who challenge it." "Something goes wrong in a government when dialogue and generosity are the prize reserved for the disloyal," he adds.

• He accuses the Government of "desertion" for promoting fractures and divisions "in the midst of the health, economic and social crisis" that our country is suffering. "Spain needs its institutions and its politicians focused and working for the common good, not given over to agendas of destabilization and confrontation"

• It warns that the PP is not going to silently attend this "involution" and "to save himself who can", and points out that the only problem is a government supported by an alliance whose only recognizable link is to force the Spanish to "retrace ”The journey of the Transition.

• "We will not tolerate that Sánchez continues to buy more time from his presence at the price of national sovereignty and the demolition of the institutions and the unity of Spain"

• Denounces the plan that Sánchez intends to impose "removing political, social and economic actors opposed to a project to mutate the Constitution" with "the silence" of the PP and "political blackmail". "We are not going to be accomplices," stresses Casado, who emphasizes his support for the Crown with a "Viva el Rey" and a "Viva España"

• Assures that "the tragic moral eclipse" that has put our country in the worst situation imaginable must end. "Spain must wake up, understand what is happening to it and remedy it by uniting again around constructive and solvent proposals," he says.

• Asks to unite the vote at the polls "to democratically defeat Sánchez and be able to guarantee that when he is no longer there the institutions will continue to be there"

• He conveys a message of hope and absolute confidence in the recovery capacity of our country, in addition to his personal commitment and that of the PP "with everything that can help Spain to face the health, economic and social crisis"

• “We are in our place and nobody will be able to move us from it, defending the institutions and proposing the best solutions, because that is where the Spanish need us. Together we will regain our good path and together we will manage to turn all this suffering into the beginning of a new and better time "

• Qualifies as "civic rebellion" the fight led by Jorge Azcón in the defense of municipalism against the confiscatory decree of the Executive, "one of the greatest attacks that has been made on municipal autonomy"

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